i love you mommy

see im not here to bad talk anybody im here to tell the truth„ they say father like son naww complete oppisite im not a coward or scared i got my common sense im determined not to end up like you so now im grind en harder for sucess despite you , you wanted me aborted, but mom stood up and saved me, hey look at me now dad look what mommy made me and i admit i used to hate you, now 

i appreciate you my life will always be diffrent, so thank you , you took allot from be but honestly i thank mom b-cuz she kept me alive and tought me what i should grow up and not to be you dropped out and i accomplished 18 years old and you missed it im diffrent you couldn’t stick around to bussy being statistic 50 percent of fathers leave it dont matter ill be the other half thats my mom in me you can ask me what i know about you, i wouldnt know much but i know when my sister died, you didnt show up, i know you have other kids, you took care of all them, but when it comes to me n justin, you wont even call us sons, you went to jail, see we dont have the same ways, did i mention im going to job corp getting my education 1 n 9 fathers locked up i got ya, how does it feel to once be on the roster? see i couldve sold drugs but i didnt you tried and went top prison, thats a position i wont ever get in, ask me to forgive you, ill laugh and tell you no luck, so dont come knocking on my door when my music blows up or when im a cpa, im successful eather way  everything is clear to me, you encourage me to say thank you mom, a single parent and you saved me, im a man now mommy, look what you made me! they say once you lose a father, most kids will break down (not me) get in trouble or use drugs for an escape rout  (not me) low self esteem, lose confidence over night or deal with mass depression and deal with a damaged social life (not me) shout out to those kids who understand who im talking about if he left you then hes a man  your better off without!!!

I’m lame? I’m a pussy? But I’m the one you used text I love you to every night? I’m not lame , maybe I just kept to the real me while you changed with the seasons , you used make my day now you say any ol bullshit to ruin it…Smh I’m sorry all of us ain’t turn brand new , you look back & talk shit , I look back & wonder what happened to the OLD you

besties =)

She made it easier to love
she’s the reason why I left my past in the dust
so long love, you ain’t gotta worry ‘bout me
I’m ready to let you be and let you free

She made it easier to go
she’s the reason why that I finally got control
so long love, she has something that was never in you
I finally found a girl that’s better than you

it was the time to break us apart you got something better and so did i im not talking shit im not caring im just happy your happy and that im happy to we just needed to seperate for the best and i dont regret breaking up with you im very happy n the place i am n now and your very happy where your at too!


oh my fucking god yes


oh my fucking god yes



soooo glad my mom likes you more then the last one !! =)